Agnes M. Schitter MSc PT explains Microkinesitherapy in a TEDx-talk (video in German)


Recommended literature

Grosjean D.

Recherche de l'etiologie en microkinésithérapie.

Editions Maisonville: Pont-à-Mousson (2011).

ISBN 978-2-9529510-1-2


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Scientific publications

The development of Microkinesitherapy was always accompanied by scientific research. Get a picture about the broad spectrum of investigations, and articles presenting explanatory models concerning this therapy.


Recent publications:


Baconnier P, Vial B, Vaudaux G, Vaudaux GF, Maindet-Dominici C, Poquin D, & Juvin R. (2016). Evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of microkinesitherapy in post-traumatic cervicalgia. A randomized, double-blinded clinical trial. Manual Therapy, Posturology & Rehabilitation Journal, 14:385. Download

Grosjean D, Benini P, & Carayon P. (2017). Managing irritable bowel syndrome: The impact of micro-physiotherapy. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 14(2):20150044. Download

Grosjean D, Salgado ASI, Parreira RB, Ceci LA, Carraro E, Hosni AP, Miri AL, Gomes JG, & Kerppers II. (2017) A new approach to manual therapy for the immune system: An experimental study. International Journal of  Science and Research Methodology, 8(1):137-48. Download